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Sommet Education

Ensure your spa or wellness center is running efficiently and effectively.

On this course you will learn about the different types of spa and different competitors in the spa industry. You will also consider a framework for creating an organization structure for spa and wellness centers.

In the second part of the course you will explore different revenue streams for spas and learn practices to maximize sales.

What topics will you cover?

    • Establish different types of spa and industry competition.
    • Map a framework for organizational structure and staffing needs.
    • Big data and its importance in the travel sector.
    • Learn about revenue streams in the business and the yielding practices used to maximize sales.

What will you achieve?

    • Differentiate types of spas and wellness centers.
    • Map the organization structure of a spa.
    • Develop HR practices and development / training needs in a spa.
    • Describe the main SOP and standard policies in a wellness center.
    • Analyze the main revenue generating areas in a spa and how to manage these effectively.
    • Expand the wellness programs to the hotel operations and service.


This program is suitable for spa professionals and individuals seeking to learn management concepts in spa operations management. Whether you are currently working in the hospitality industry or are undertaking a venture as an entrepreneur in the spa industry you should currently have a working knowledge of the hospitality industry and / or spa industry.
This is achieved through a 100% online training course with short videos, readings and short assessments.


This Online Certificate Program has an estimated duration of 12 hours. We recommend at least six hours per week of study time to allow you to cover all of the content in two weeks.

The format is 100% flexible.

Module 1- Welcome to our course
Module 2- How are spas and wellness centers organized?
Module 3- Best practices in managing a spa and wellness operation
Module 4- HR, training and development policies
Module 5- Spa Service Excellence
Module 6- Wellness Programming in Hotels





Mariana Palmeiro

She holds a Master Degree in Hospitality Management from Cornell University (MMH’07) and a Bachelor in Economics. She spent 10 years in Asia working on numerous projects of spa and wellness, mainly as a Project Manager for new spa and wellness centre openings; as well as a hospitality consultant where she opened and managed hotel spa operations. Mariana also spent two years at the Glion Institute of Higher Education in Switzerland driving the development content and courses focussed on spa and wellness management – taking a special interest in executive education and the further development of hoteliers in the world of wellness. Currently Mariana leads the consultancy and advisory company Well Culture where she works in the development of medical and wellness experiences in existing operations as well as new developments of wellness and medical hotel and resort concepts. She is also a visiting lecturer at both Glion Institute of Higher Education and Les Roches.

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