Welcome to the Tourism Online Academy

The Tourism Online Academy is an online learning platform that will provide self-paced, 100% online courses that mainly focus on concepts, areas of interest and fundamental principles related to the tourism sector, addressing the challenges it faces such as globalization, digital revolution, travel marketing and sustainability, among others. These flexible courses allow participants to reconcile academic, professional and other personal commitments.


IE University and the World Tourism Organization of the United Nations have partnered to launch the Online Tourism Academy with the support of different partners – and we are expecting many more to join this initiative in the future.


This high-quality learning experience is available for everyone and caters to those who are looking to improve or supplement their current skillset in order to adapt to this fast-growing and evolving sector. Through these first programs, participants will acquire managerial skills in digital marketing, finance, strategy, operations, innovation and digital transformation.

Choose your course

  • This Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is suitable for managers and high potential individuals seeking to update their knowledge in tourism industry management and its integration into the Tourism, Hospitality and Destination Management industries. This is achieved through the 100% online training course that includes multimedia content, short videos with professors and experts, readings, exercises and activities and many other learning materials within specific modules. Price: 0,00 €

  • This MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) completion certificate is suitable for professionals and individuals seeking to learn introductory knowledge on tourism management. This 100% online course consist of a summary of each module of the MOOC (Introduction to Tourism- Industry Management) and a short quiz. You must earn 60% or higher to earn your certificate which certifies that you have successfully finished the MOOC.

  • This Online Certified Program is aimed at professionals, managers and anyone else seeking to deepen their learning or update their knowledge in tourism sector management and its integration into tourism, hospitality and destination management. Five modules (Digital Marketing, Finance, Strategy, Operations and Innovation & Digital Transformation) will contribute to achieve this objective, based on a mix of learning resources.

  • Learn how to create an organisation structure for a spa or wellness center and explore spa revenue streams.