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This short course will recap what you learned in the Massive Online Open Course entitled Brief Introduction to Chinese Tourism. The objective of this course is to learn different aspects of China and its tourism, as well as practical examples that professionals can apply in their jobs or personal career. You will get your online certificate which certifies that you have successfully finished the course and the quizzes for each introductory Chinese tourism module.
This course will consist of four modules with different interviews and readings, as well as a short quiz at the end of each one.

What will you learn in this program?.

This course will provide an insight into the Chinese touristic market, a very special sector within the new opportunities in tourism. The main goals in this course will be to get a general and practical knowledge about Basics of Chinese geography, history and culture; Main aspects on Chinese Tourism; How to communicate with Chinese tourists and a brief introduction to Chinese language and communication skills.


This practical programme is designed for anyone interested in Chinese culture and specially for tourism professionals who want to promote or specialize in the Chinese tourism market, a market very different with many distinctive features.
It is also suitable for students of China related degrees or event lovers of China.

Chinese tourism will be always a hallmark in your professional career. Whether you are growing in a company, or are undertaking a venture as an entrepreneur in the tourism industry, having a broad knowledge about this market will always help you to add value to your professional profile and will help you to open new horizons and opportunities.


The course will follow the structure:

Module 1- Basics of Chinese history and culture

Module 2- Introduction to Chinese Tourism

Module 3 – How to communicate with Chinese Tourist

Module 4- Introduction to Language and communication skills

Cristina Vera

Professor of Chinese Tourism and How to communicate with Chinese

Although she is translator, her work experience is focused on the world of tourism, culture and event organization. Specialized in Chinese language, culture and tourism from the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting of the University of Granada (Spain), the Confucius Institute and the University of Foreign Languages of Beijing (北京外国语大学). In 2013, as expert in Spain-China cross-cultural projects she became executive manager in the Chinese Friendly company for 5 years. Co-editor of the “White Book on Chinese tourism in Spain” and responsible for the presence of the company at tourist fairs in China. In 2018 she launched her career as entrepreneur with her own company “Element China” focused on communication in Chinese touristic, helping companies and destinations to promote themselves in China and advising many professionals who want to start their projects in China.

Jingru Bai

Professor of Basics of Chinese history and culture and Introduction to Language and communication skills

Jingru Bai has a degree in International Business and Marketing from the University of Sciences of Engineer in Shanghai, China. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Chinese Language in the Xian Northwest University. He travel to Spain in 2003 and started to study the Spanish language in differents schools such as the Center d'Estudis d´Idiomes Moderns of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. After his arrival in Spain, his work experience is focused on business mediation and the development of projects between Spain and China. One of the most important was the project of the Pavilion of the Future for EXPO 2010 in Shanghai. He has also worked as Mandarin Chinese teacher in various schools and universities such as the Pablo de Olavide University in Seville (Spain). From 2012 to 2018 he was project manager and head of the training department of the Chinese Friendly company until he finally launched his own brand, Element China, which helps companies, destinations and professionals to enter the Chinese tourism market.

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