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This four-week wine tasting course will give you all the viticulture tools you’ll need to taste wines like a pro! While learning how to taste, you will cultivate an analytic mindset, delve into the heritage of wine, and develop a rich vocabulary to describe wines and advocate for your preferences easily. Throughout the course duration, you’ll first learn how to effectively read a wine label for both old world and new world wines.

You’ll then learn to familiarise yourself with wine storing and wine serving techniques to enjoy best whichever product you drink. After, you’ll get an insight into the winemaking process and will gain an in-depth overview of the steps involved when setting up a professional wine tasting, as well as a wine pairing. Lastly, you’ll familiarise yourself with both basic and high-level wine service equipment, so you can best serve biodynamic, organic, and natural wines, wine dinners and tastings.


What will you learn in this program?

Learn to taste wines like a pro! Cultivate an analytic mindset while tasting and develop a rich vocabulary to describe wines & advocate your preferences easily. Discover viticulture, oenology, grape varieties, and soil relevance. Delve into biodynamic, organic, and natural wines, wine dinners, tastings, and heritage. From reading a wine label to storing techniques, this short course will give you the knowledge to master any wine tasting.


This course aims to those who would like to develop their wine knowledge. This includes sommeliers, restaurant managers, winemakers, sales managers, bartenders, wine tasters and wine auctioneers.

This is achieved through a 100% online training course on a self-paced framework designed to give you within four weeks, through short videos with industry experts, readings, and assignments in each phase.


This MOOC has been designed to follow a self-paced methodology. It has been divided into 4 Modules, as follows:

Module 1- Introduction to Wine Tasting

Module 2- Reading a Wine Label & Wine Tasting

Module 3- Wine Styles, Champagnes and Other Sparkling Wines

Module 4- Undiscovered Swiss Wines & Vintage Wines

Anastasia Burakovskikh

Wine and Beverage Specialist at César Ritz Colleges

Anastasia is the wine specialist at the prestigious Cesar Ritz College in Bouveret and holds a Master of Science in Wine Business as well as two Bachelor of Commerce degrees, obtained in France & Russia. She provided wine training, menu redesign and optimisation, up-selling techniques of luxury products, as well as executed sales across Asia and Europe with various luxury brands such as One & Only, Conrad, Four Seasons Hotels, Shinji by Kanesaka Singapore (* Michelin), Restaurant Andre Singapore (** Michelin) and many others. Master of Science in Wine Business, Burgundy School of Business, Dijon, France; Bachelor of Commerce, Université Pierre Mendès France, Grenoble, France (Strategic Management, Finance and Accounting), and Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance, Russia. WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust).

Erik Pravica

Fine Dining Service Specialist at Cesar Ritz Schools

With his early passion for hosting, Erik progressed into becoming a cosmopolitan restaurant manager, now marking nearly 20 years in the world of food and beverage, strong competence in etiquette, serving, and storing wines. Erik had the chance to witness excellent sommelier mentorship throughout his career, understanding the love and value of this fantastic product. Erik believes that good relationships are made through good wine, and it is an essential part of the restaurant business. He believes that learning about wines is an endless experience and keeps enriching himself with knowledge. Professor of fine dining service, wine and beverage, mixology, events, and culinary trends, Erik specialises in the F&B field, having honed his fine dining skills in luxury properties in Southeast Asia and Europe.

If you would like to obtain a certificate of completion, please enroll in Get Certified!  – Mastering wine tasting after finishing the MOOC.

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