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The Negotiations in Tourism course is designed to provide attendees with basic negotiation tools and skills that will help them effectively handle negotiations and conflicts of interest. The course covers topics such as negotiation strategies, conflict resolution techniques, communication skills, and cultural differences in negotiations. Attendees will learn how to critically approach negotiations between hotels, tour operators, travel agents, and OTAs, and how to manage risk in distribution channels. The course also highlights the role of technology and innovation in tourism negotiations and the importance of collaborations at the local, national, and international levels.
This course will consist of a summary of each module and a short quiz. You must earn 60% or higher to earn your certificate.
If you are interested in gaining fundamental negotiation skills critical for the success of hospitality business, the development and maintenance of long-term relationships with stakeholders, we invite you take the Online Certificate Program: NEGOTIATIONS IN TOURISM, which is also part of the Tourism Online Academy.

What will you learn in this program?.

The Negotiations in Tourism course covers a range of topics, including basic negotiation notions and principles, basic negotiation tools, critical approaches to negotiations between hotels, tour operators, travel agents, and OTAs, the role and power of collaborations in negotiations, the role of technology and innovation in tourism negotiations, and the differences between e-negotiations and offline negotiations in tourism and hospitality. This course Will provide an insight into the impact of negotiation outcomes between countries, international organizations, and other institutions, creating collaborations at the local level, tourism partnerships at the national and international levels, and the role of UNWTO and other organizations.


The Negotiations in Tourism course is a must-attend for professionals, politicians, entrepreneurs in tourism, students, and anyone who is seriously interested in learning about negotiation strategies and techniques in the tourism industry.
Don’t miss this opportunity to gain fundamental knowledge and skills in negotiation strategies and techniques that are essential for the success of your career in the tourism industry.
Join the Negotiations in Tourism course today and take the first step towards mastering the art of negotiation.
This is achieved through a 100% online training course with short videos, readings, quizzes and interviews with professionals and academics.


The course will follow the next structure:

Module 1: Principled Negotiations

Module 2: Tourism Negotiations: Hotel Industry, boosting revenue

Module 3: Tourism Negotiations: Investing in collaborations, partnerships and alliances

Module 4: The role of technology and innovation in tourism negotiations: e-Negotiations

Lemonia Papadopoulou-Kelidou

Academic and Professional specialized in Negotiations

Dr. Lemonia Papadopoulou-Kelidou is a distinguished negotiation expert with a wealth of experience in the tourism and hospitality industry. She has a strong background in conflict management and negotiation strategies, consistently delivering successful outcomes in competitive market conditions. Dr. Papadopoulou-Kelidou's roles as an Adjunct Professor at Webster Vienna Private University in Austria, as a Lecturer at CITY College University of York Europe Campus, and as the Founder and Owner of Lambda Negotiations demonstrate her expertise in providing training and consultancy services for business negotiations. In her position as an Executive for International Relations at the City of Thessaloniki, for almost a decade, she has been instrumental in working with Consular Corps and Foreign Missions in Greece, developing negotiation skills in international relations. Dr. Papadopoulou-Kelidou has presented tourism strategies at various international conferences, showcasing her in-depth knowledge of negotiation in the tourism industry. With a PhD in "Conflicts Areas and Negotiations Strategies in imperfectly competitive conditions" and a Master Diploma in "Negotiations," Dr. Papadopoulou-Kelidou is a multilingual professional with strong communication and interpersonal skills. Her extensive publications, presentations, and keynote speeches underscore her thought leadership in the field of negotiation, making her well-equipped to drive successful outcomes in any challenging business and academic environment. Dr. Papadopoulou-Kelidou's participation in the Annual Panhellenic Yachting Conference, among prestigious shipowners and yachting experts, demonstrates her versatility in negotiation across different industries. Her extensive experience and thought leadership in the field of negotiation have made her a sought-after speaker at various prestigious institutions worldwide, including Washington State University in the USA, Istanbul Ticaret University in Turkey, and Bahria University in Islamabad, Pakistan, showcasing expertise and experience in various fields.

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