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The course comprises four meticulously crafted modules, strategically sequenced to incrementally enhance participants’ expertise. Beginning with an exploration of tourism destination dynamics, it lays a robust foundation for understanding the intricacies of the industry. Subsequent modules delve into critical aspects such as sustainable tourism frameworks, equipping learners with the tools to navigate contemporary challenges responsibly. Practical skill development takes center stage in the final stages, where participants engage in hands-on exercises to master the nuances of effective destination management. Seamlessly blending theory with real-world application, this curriculum ensures a comprehensive learning journey tailored to cultivate well-rounded professionals poised for success in the dynamic field of destination management.

What will you learn in this program?

From this program, participants can gain a multifaceted understanding of destination management, encompassing various aspects crucial for success in the field. Key learning outcomes include:
1. Comprehensive Understanding: Participants will acquire a comprehensive understanding of the competitive landscape of tourism destinations, including market trends, consumer behavior, and industry dynamics.
2. Sustainability Principles: They will explore global sustainability frameworks and learn how to integrate sustainable practices into destination management strategies, fostering environmentally responsible and socially conscious tourism development.
3. Strategic Planning: Participants will develop skills in strategic planning and management, enabling them to design and implement effective destination marketing campaigns, infrastructure development projects, and stakeholder engagement initiatives.
4. Practical Skills: Through hands-on exercises and case studies, participants will hone practical skills in areas such as destination branding, crisis management, tourism product development, and visitor experience enhancement.
5. Policy Insights: Seasoned policymakers will gain insights into policy formulation and implementation processes, learning how to leverage regulatory frameworks to support sustainable tourism development and community empowerment.

You can enroll and study the content for free and only pay € 49 if you want to do the assignments and receive a certificate of completion.


This course accommodates a diverse audience, catering to entry-level professionals, seasoned policymakers, academics, and destination managers alike. It offers tailored learning experiences, providing foundational knowledge for beginners while delving into advanced topics for experienced participants. Through interactive sessions and practical exercises, it equips learners with the skills and insights necessary to excel in destination management. Whether you’re stepping into the field or aiming to deepen your expertise, this course ensures a rewarding and inclusive learning journey for all participants.


Module 1: Foundations of Sustainable Tourism Management
Module 2: Strategies for Sustainable Tourism Development
Module 3: Global Frameworks and Sustainable Tourism Certification
Module 4: Destination Sustainability Management and Empowerment

Urs Wagenseil

Professor at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (Switzerland) and Head of the Competence Center of Tourism at the included Institute of Tourism and Mobility

Urs Wagenseil is one of the leading scientists and specialists in sustainable development of tourism destinations. Before taking over this position in 2005, he has been the General Director of the Destination Management Organisation Lenzerheide Tourism in Switzerland for six years. Urs Wagenseil has additional working experience as a Manager Corporate Sales (Diners Club Switzerland), Managing Director (Wettstein Travel, Switzerland), and Project Manager in various positions at Kuoni Travel Ltd, Head Office, Switzerland. Additionally, Urs Wagenseil acts for several years already as Board Member of the TourCert certification label, as Advisory Board Member of the Ibex/Fairstay label, as Member of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) Destination Stewardship Work Group, and as Head of the Education & Training Work Group of GSTC.

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