The situation for tourism remains rather unusual as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The crisis has marked a significant change for everyone, and above all for tourism, one of sectors hit hardest by the virus.
2020 was the year in which international tourism came to a near-complete standstill, and the only alternatives were domestic and local tourism.

2021 has seen some improvements, but only in a very subtle way as restrictions are still in place and many countries keep their borders fully or partially closed.

It is difficult to make an estimate for 2022 as it is not known how the pandemic will evolve. However, it is possible to talk about the new tourism trends that are likely to emerge over the coming year:
– International travel with restrictions still maintained by both destinations and airlines in order to offer 100% security to the consumer.

– Reinforcement of COVID-19 testing; two years after the pandemic, COVID testing will still be in place as a preventive measure.
– Conscious travel will be advocated. Travel to more distant destinations, but with prolonged durations of stay, as consumers look to enjoy as much of each place they visit as possible.
– Green travel. Climate change is a problem that is present and growing. Consumers now are much more responsible and aware of the reality they live in on daily basis.

– A new trend is the “ed-ventures”. It is about combining education and holidays for the youngest members of the family. While adults may need to telework or attend meetings, their children can be doing workshops and learning in a playful way.