Both Centennials and Generation Z (those born between 1996 and 2010) are changing the way we conceive all economic sectors, including tourism.

These generations are known for their high levels of social empathy, environmental awareness, and for their creativity.

Young people are digital natives; information and technology are practically their way of life. Their phones are an extension of them and accompany them all the way from planning a trip to returning home.

These new generations have internalized concepts such as sustainability, “low cost” or express travel. This is the generation that shares a car, rents rooms in houses to stay and travels to the most economical place regardless of the destination.

Recommendations are the road maps for these young travellers. They study in depth all the comments and reviews that other users have made about a hotel, a restaurant, the transport and even a destination itself.

The tourism sector must keep pace with tourists’ changing consumption patterns so that the industry does not become obsolete or outdated as a result of this generational leap.