Guaranteeing inclusion and diversity in travel advancements of the tourism sector

By Muzzammil Ahussain, CEO-Almosafer


In the dynamic realm of tourism, inclusion and diversity have emerged as the bedrock principles, shaping the sector’s present and future. This is clearly reflected in our work at Almosafer, as well as in the Saudi Vision 2030.

Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 is more than just an ambitious plan; it’s a robust testament to the nation’s drive for progress. With the target of creating one million jobs in the tourism sector by 2030, the roadmap is clear and based on a firm belief in the boundless potential of our youth. By nurturing their dreams and aspirations, we’re not just planting seeds for opportunities; we’re creating the blueprint for an inclusive and diverse tomorrow.

Educating the Next Generation through Almosafer Academy

The Almosafer Academy has been designed to offer Saudi nationals a well-balanced mix of theoretical education and real-world experiences. Through various sessions, workshops, and immersive trips, we are crafting a future where our travel experts not only understand the industry’s mechanics but also appreciate its diverse nuances.

Our enduring partnership with Princess Nourah University further underlines our commitment. By offering a seamless blend of academic instruction with practical insights, we’re sculpting a generation of tourism students who are not just educated but also enlightened. They will have the skills and experience tourism employers need and the soft skills tourists look for when traveling.

Almosafer’s Collaboration with the Human Resource Development Fund

Our recent partnership with the Human Resource Development Fund is another step forward in our journey to support and cultivate Saudi talent. This synergy not only underscores our commitment to nurturing talent but also reiterates the importance of private and public sector partnerships in achieving national goals.

Empowering Female Leaders: Pioneering a Change in the Middle East

Beyond the world of academia, our partnership with the UNWTO Women in Tech Startup Competition is empowering women techpreneurs across the region, above all by fostering an environment where women can innovate, lead, and redefine the tech landscape. Alongside this, the Unlock Her Future Prize by the Bicester Collection, which Almosafer is supporting and celebrating women entrepreneurs who drive change and make a positive impact on their communities.

Tourism and Its Societal Impacts

By guaranteeing inclusion and diversity in our operations, we’re not just facilitating travel; we’re fostering connections, understanding, and global unity. Moreover, the role of technology in achieving this cannot be understated. As digital advancements reshape how we travel, it’s vital that these technological strides resonate with our core values of inclusion and diversity. Almosafer invests heavily in ensuring that our digital platforms are intuitive, user-friendly, and accessible to all, regardless of background or ability.

In conclusion, the essence of travel is to experience the unknown, to immerse oneself in diverse cultures, traditions, and histories. At Almosafer, our vision is to ensure that every traveler feels represented, valued, and understood. As we stand on the cusp of a new dawn in tourism, let us remember our shared responsibilities. The true essence of tourism lies in an ecosystem where each individual, regardless of their background, finds a voice, and every journey becomes a testament to Saudi Arabia’s grander vision for the future.

Muzzammil Ahussain

Chief Executive Officer – Almosafer